Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BAH! sometimes I think about this thing and it makes me LAUGH!

So I just checked my last blog--my friend wasn't buying me a christmas present. Or maybe she forgot to give it to me, but i did not get that from her for christmas. But I dunno why she was being sneaky then. It's kind of strange. Hm. What an interesting situation.
So today I was thinking about rejoicing in other people's gifts, and what a cool thing that is. I wish I were better at it! Cause if everything we're good at and everything we have is a gift from God, then whatever you have is also a gift from him, and so we're both equally blessed by both our gifts, right? So I should be just as happy that you're good at guitar as if I were, because I get to hear beautiful music. And I should be so pleased that you are a good baker because I get to eat delicious baked goods. And I should be so overjoyed that you are so good at drawing because you make funny cartoons and interesting art. I should be. I'm usually less pleased than I would like about your gifts! But I think probably that says a lot about how we're supposed to see our gifts and what we're good at--as something that we have so that we can share it with others. And that's really lovely, I think. And it means that we can't de-value ourselves, we can't say that we're not actually good at something (especially if it's false humility and we know we actually are) because the point of a gift is not to bring praise to the gifted, it's to be shared with EVERYONE! What a great thing! Haha! Lovely.
Anyway. This blog makes me laugh because we were so excited about it for about a week. Yep.