Monday, June 22, 2009

hey! I just remembered this existed

I"m totally not really a bloggy person. That is probably obvious as I haven't really blogged here and niether did my fellow blogger/short term enthusiast :)

Oh well, maybe I'll try and post once a blue moon when something interesting happens that no one excpet myself is particularily interested in.

Today was not a great day of exitment. the most exciting thing I did was go to the drug store to buy Shampoo etc. for my upcoming trip. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I love buying lip balm and shampoo and tooth paste and all those things that I tend to let be chosen for me.

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  1. Promised comment 101:

    I know. Good reminder. I need to buy those things too - I always forget them. My worst forgetfullness is pyjamas though, to be honest! Don't know why I can't ever seem to remember them.... haha :)