Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Went to the libary today

I got my acceptance letter for collage today and I'm SUPER happy.
It's a crazy feeling to know I'm actually almost out of high school. There were times when it felt like an eternity.

I had nice phone conversations with two of my friends about classes and being excited/afraid to make new friends. It's just weird to think I won't be seeing the same people's faces every day Like i do now.

I went to the library and took out a stack of like 5 books. I felt like such a nerd...I just wanted to get out of there so no one would see my trucking them around. They're all easy to read books....I was tempted to try a classic but I didn't feel like looking for one. I guess just because it's easy to read something doesn't diminish it's value. Well at any rate I feel rich now.

I have a pile of books borrowed from people but I don't really feel like reading any of those at the moment. I've read quite a few of them already so for the most part theres no hurry

Well life is going on. It's now officially spring and i am officially in love with the wind and the air and the way I feel when I go out the door and realize that while it's still cold, the sun is warm.


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