Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well Linen, I believe you are exactly right. There are those strange people that you believe you would be really good friends with, but can't seem to get there, and there are those even stranger people you are really good friends with and have absolutely no idea why. But I think the obvious answer to your point about the distinct lack of bonding experiences is that, at least to a certain extent, we must create them. Sure, it can be awkward, and sometimes not even really feasible, but essentially, if you want to bond with someone like that, you're gonna have to hijack a few planes or break a few elevators. Or just, plan a strangely themed party or something. Hijacking a plane would be way more fun, though they might not think you're a great person to be friends with then.
I like what you've done with this thing by the way.


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